Real-time and SimulMode

Real-time and Simulation Mode

Turbo-Satori has two different modes: Real-time and Simulation Mode. The simulation mode can be used to re-run an already performed experiments and perform online analysis of these runs during the ongoing session or post-hoc. There is a separate executable for each of the modes, allowing to use both applications easily at the same time. To analyze fNIRS data in real-time, the Turbo-Satori executable should be used. To re-analyze a finished recording, you can use the Turbo-Satori_SimulMode executable. The two applications can be easily distinguished by the color of the status bar at the bottom of the main window. The color for the Real-time Mode is blue and the color for the Simulation Mode is red, as shown in the figure below:

One can establish a connection to NIRStar in the Real-time Mode. To be able to connect to NIRStar, the LSL interface must be enabled in NIRStar / Aurora, and a TCP connection between the two applications must be possible. Please read the “Connection to NIRStar” section for more details about the connection procedure.

The Simulation Mode allows to read “.sri” (Satori project files), “.hdr” (NIRStar header files) and “.nirs” (NIRS header files). Just click on the “Start Simulation Mode” button and a file selection dialog will pop up. Then, select the “.hdr”, “.sri” or “.nirs” file you want to simulate.

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