Turbo-BrainVoyager v3.2

The Main Control Buttons

The most important options of the program are available with six basic buttons, Backward, Record, Forward, Reload Data, Auto-Advance and Auto-Start. Further options are available in the main menu, context menu, icons, and keyboard short cuts. For a detailed description of all functions, see sections Menu Functions and Keyboard and Mouse Functions.

Function of Main Buttons

The Backward and Forward buttons do only work in specific settings (usually in the context of the "IFIS" real-time system and with some scanner files). It is advised to directly set the next TBV settings file using the File >Set New TBV File menu item. If subsequent runs use the same parameters (number of slices, TR and so on), the easiest way to prepare the next run is to change the settings in the current TBV file and to save the modified TBV file under a new name. To change the current TBV settings file use the File > Edit TBV File button to enter the TBV Settings dialog and change the necessary fields for the next run usually including the FirstFileName in the Data Format tab, the StimulationProtocol entry (if different), NrOfVolumes entry (if different) and the ProjectName text in the Time Course tab. For a more convenient and robust approach it is recommended to prepare all TBV files required for a series of real-time runs ahead of time and to switch for each run to the prepared TBV file. This will require only to change one field, the FirstFileName entry in the Data Format tab.

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