Turbo-BrainVoyager v3.2

The Motion Correction Window

This window shows the results of the detection and correction of small head movements during real-time processing. The window is visible only if 3D motion correction is enabled in the TBV settings file. During 3D motion correction all functional volumes are aligned in space by rigid body transformation to the first recorded volume. The detected head motion of a volume with respect to the reference volume results in 3 translation and 3 rotation parameters. These values are used to translate and rotate the respective volume accordingly in order to "undo" the detected head motion. During real-time analysis, these six estimated parameters are displayed incrementally in the motion correction window. The y range of the values is set to -1 to 1 (millimeter/degree) and adjusts automatically to larger values in case estimated values fall out of the initial range. The 3 translation and 3 rotation parameters are color-coded as follows:

Note that the axis are defined in image space (i.e. not in Talairach space): X refers to the image left-to-right direction, Y refers to top-to-bottom direction within the image and Z refers to the direction across slices (first-to-last image).

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