Turbo-BrainVoyager v3.2

The Information Window

This window on the lower right part of the Turbo-BrainVoyager window shows information about the current state of analysis. It depicts, for example, whether a single-run or multi-run analysis is running, whether results are saved to disk or whether previously analyzed data has been loaded. During real-time analysis, it shows the volume analyzed and the time elapsed from the start of the analysis. The window also shows the current statistical threshold as well as other useful information.

During real-time processing, the window also shows whether calculated (statistical) maps are displayed on top of the first functional volume (to which motion correction aligns subsequent volumes to) or whether they are shown on top of the volume of the current time point, i.e. the most recently read set of slices. In the latter case, it is also indicated whether the images of the current volume are shown before spatial preprocessing (before motion correction and eventually spatial smoothing) or after spatial preprocessing. These settings can be controlled by entries in the View menu and by keyboard shortcuts. 

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