Turbo-BrainVoyager v3.2

ROI Functions

int tGetNrOfROIs()

Provides the number of currently available ROIs. Note that the number of ROIs may change during real-time processing since the user may open additional ROI windows or close ROI windows at any time. It is thus important to use this function prior to other functions accessing ROI information.

float tGetMeanOfROI(int roi)

Returns the mean signal value of the ROI referenced with the "roi" parameter (0-based index). A valid number must be smaller than the value returned by the "tGetNrOfROIs()" function. Note that the voxels defining a ROI might change in case that the user selects another region for the same ROI index (replaces the content of the same plot in the GUI). The function should be used in situations when ROIs are not changed, i.e. when a set of ROIs is pre-loaded for a neurofeedback study. For details, see the "ROI Processing" example plugin. Note that the returned value is based on the raw data, not the detrended data shown in the time course plots if enabled. Together with the retrieved beta value for the linear trend (if included in the design matrix), you can detrend the data using the value of the linear trend predictor at the current time point and the current value of the beta of the linear trend confound predictor.

int tGetNrOfVoxelsOfROI(int roi)

Provides the number of voxels of the specified ROI. Note that the returned number might change during real-time processing in case that the user replaces a ROI with another set of voxels. The value of this function is important for accessing information of individual ROI voxels (see below).

float tGetBetaOfROI(int roi, int beta)

Retrieves the value of a specified beta (0-based index) of the specified ROI (0-based index). For each ROI a GLM is calculated incrementally using the mean signal time course; the betas of the calculated GLM are accessible with this function; note that the beta indices range from 0 to the full number of predictors; to retrieve only the betas of the predictors of interest, the beta index must be smaller than "tGetFullNrOfPredictors()" minus "tGetNrOfConfoundPredictors()". For details, see the "ROI Processing" example plugin.

bool tGetCoordsOfVoxelOfROI(int roi, int voxel, int &x, int &y, int &z)

Provides the coordinates of a voxel (0-based enumeration index) of the ROI specified with the "roi" parameter (0-based index); the value for the "voxel" index ranges from "0" to one less than the value returned by the "tGetNrOfVoxelsOfROI()" function; since ROIs content may change, use the latter function for a specific ROI index always before using the current function. For details, see the "ROI Processing" example plugin.

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