Turbo-BrainVoyager v3.2

Protocol, DM, GLM Functions

int tGetCurrentProtocolCondition()

Provides the index of the currently "active" condition of the protocol (0-based), i.e. the condition that has a defined interval enclosing the current time point.

int tGetFullNrOfPredictors()

Provides the number of predictors of the design matrix. Note that this function returns the "full" number of intended predictors while the "tGetCurrentNrOfPredictors()" returns the number of predictors currently in use.

int tGetCurrentNrOfPredictors()

Provides the currently effective number of predictors. Note that this function may return a smaller number than the "tGetFullNrOfPredictors()" function since the internal GLM calculations use a restricted set of predictors in case that for one or more predictors not enough non-zero data points are available. Roughly speaking, the number of current predictors increases each time when a new condition is encountered during real-time processing.

int tGetNrOfConfoundPredictors()

Provides the full number of confound predictors. To get the full/effective numer of predictors-of-interest, subtract the returned value from the "tGetFullNrOfPredictors()" or "tGetCurrentNrOfPredictors()" function, respectively.

float tGetValueOfDesignMatrix(int pred, int timepoint)

Provides the value of a predictor at a given time point of the current design matrix. Note that the design matrix always contains the "full" set of predictors, a reduced set of predictors is only used internally (predictors that are not used internally are those containing only "0.0" entries up to the current time point). Note that the "timepoint" parameter must be smaller than the value returned by the "tGetCurrentTimePoint()" function. For details, see the provided example plugins.

int tGetNrOfContrasts()

Provides the number of (automatically or manually) specified contrasts in the TBV settings file. This value is important for accessing t maps, see the "tGetMapValueOfVoxel()" and "tGetContrastMaps()" functions.

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